During my years as an artist I have collaborated with, been taught by, and installed for many fantastic artists such as…

Chris Grosz (Father)

Howard Arkley (life drawing)

Lewis miller (life drawing)

Charles Green (life drawing)

Bill Young (printmaking)

Jennifer Marshall (print making lecturer)

Robyn Burgess (painting lecturer)

Stephen Turpie (painting lecturer)

David Stuchbury (ceramics lecturer)

Tony Conway (ceramics lecturer)

Lisa Beavan (art history lecturer)

Rodger Sworder (philosophy lecturer)

Robyn Mckenzie (art history and visual culture lecturer) 

Bill Hammond

Stephen Hayley

Robert Jacks

Emily Floyd

Darren Wardle

Garry Bish

Donna Bailey

Jeremy Blincoe

Cameron Tauscke

Dominic Ryan

David Burrows

Craig MacDonald

Kerry Cannon

Zoe Amor

Tara Gilbey

Delaney Davidson

Tim Richards

Elise Duvalle

Michael Bailey

Kathryn Mckool

Paul Northam

Mark Anstey

Noel Courrigan